Rice MBA Recruiter’s Guide

World Class Talent from a Top-Tiered Business School

The talent and experience of Rice MBAs continue to draw employers from all over the world. The unique classroom experience and innovative curriculum of the Jones School produce quality graduates with strong analytical skills and broad business experience. Along with being consistently recognized for excellence in core business disciplines — 2012 Financial Times global rankings named the Jones School No. 10 in finance and No. 9 in accountancy — particular strength exists in entrepreneurship, energy and health care and in functional areas, such as market research and strategy consulting. Webinars, workshops, podcasts and social networking as well as other online initiatives reach all levels of the Jones School community to help them develop the skills necessary to succeed.

The Jones School places great value in the companies that hire our students and become involved with the school on a number of different levels. To achieve consistent dialogue in the needs of a ever-changing market and matching it with the capabilities of our graduates, the Career Management Center engages with our Employment Trends Committee, an advisory board of top employers, to share best practices in MBA hiring from both the corporate and university perspectives. The information gained has helped the CMC increase hiring within the group by 15 percent over the past two years. Membership is based on consistent hiring, campus engagement and potential for growth. The benefits to participating companies include the opportunity to network across the committee, to obtain industry information regarding MBA hiring trends, and the ability to source more talent from Rice University.

Companies on our Employment Trends Committee are:


Cameron   Ernst & Young   GE   United
ConocoPhillips   ExxonMobil   Kalypso   Waste Management
Cooper   FMC Technologies   Sysco    

Hiring a Rice MBA is much more than talent acquisition for our recruitment partners – we see the optimal relationship as a long-term engagement fostering the flow of world-class talent to top companies benefiting both graduates and their employers.

For more information on ways to engage with the Jones Graduate School of Business, please contact: Yolander Albert, Associate Director of Employer Relations, at 713-348-3926.