Open Enrollment Programs

Individual Open Enrollment Programs provide participants with comprehensive, detailed instruction on a specific topic and the opportunity to sharpen their business acumen. They are appropriate for individual learning in subjects such as leadership, strategy and general management. Program within a discipline can be combined to earn a certificate and courses are eligible for CPE credits.


Customer Focus
As the internet enabled price comparison, aggregators, and worldwide distribution at every fingertip, organizations have struggled to emerge from mass commercialization through renewed customer focus. However, a myriad of CRM systems and analytics are not useful without a firm-wide strategy of customer orientation and focus. Learn more



Health Care 

With the changing face of medicine today, health care professionals are forced to wear two hats: one medical and one management. In the shadow of Houston’s medical center, participants will learn from industry experts on the business topics critical to health care administration, access faculty from both Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University, and develop skills in a variety of management competencies. Learn more




Leaders at all levels take initiative, think and plan strategically and overcome obstacles to impact the bottom line.  Participants will focus on developing their own skills, as well as exploring strategies for building a high performing team, overcoming communication challenges, managing change in the workplace and building the organizational future. Programs will feature discussion, cases, assessments, and simulation to drive facility with frameworks for immediate application upon returning to work. Learn more 

We negotiate all the time – with bosses, friends, clients, spouses, colleagues, vendors, and others. Although negotiations are a daily occurrence, many of us know little about the factors that influence negotiation processes and outcomes. Through a series of exercises, this program will help participants become better negotiators by better understanding people and situations, corresponding negotiating strategies, and influencing techniques. Learn more