Faculty Research Collective

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Jones School faculty members continue to generate valuable research that will help shape business in the 21st Century. As part of the Jones Graduate School of Business family, you now have a unique opportunity to assist Jones School professors produce the next generation of valuable discoveries.

Jones School research is driven by quality data and rigorous analysis. One of the biggest impediments to top quality research, that helps garner Rice a strong reputation for research, is high quality data. Surveys are one important source of data, but reliable survey participants are challenging to find. In response to this need, the Jones Graduate School of Business Alumni Association is working with Jones School faculty members to develop a Faculty Research Collective (FRC). We invite you to consider joining this this collective to help faculty shape the future of business. Jones School faculty members are very excited about the possibility of utilizing both alumni and friends of the Jones School to create the Faculty Research Collective and look forward to your active participation.

The FRC will be made up of Jones School alumni and friends who volunteer to receive and respond to periodic surveys that are designed and directed by faculty members in accordance with Rice University guidelines. No particular background or expertise is required, and participants will not be asked to participate in more than four short surveys per calendar year (10-15 minutes per survey). While survey responses are anonymous, we will highlight results of faculty research that utilize the FRC to its members. Please note that you can opt out of FRC at any point in time.

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Faculty Testimonials

As a Jones School research professor, one of the most important aspects of my job is collecting high quality data. The Alumni Survey Panel is an invaluable source of data that benefits Jones School faculty and alumni by facilitating world-class research and enhancing the school’s reputation as a leading research institution.
Erik Dane, Assistant Professor of Management

Many of the research insights that improve business practices come from surveying managers making the Jones School alumni the ideal survey panel. This panel will be fantastic in facilitating cutting-edge research at the Jones School.
Ajay Kalra, Herbert S. Autrey Professor of Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of research projects will likely use the FRC?
Research studies/surveys associated with the FRC will ask you to report your attitudes, beliefs, or judgments as they relate to various aspects of business (e.g., management, strategy, marketing, finance, accounting). Your responses serve as invaluable quantitative and/or qualitative data that enable Jones School faculty to test hypotheses, assess market trends, and gain insight into how working professionals evaluate a range of topics relevant to the study and practice of business.

Who is being invited to join the FRC?  How many participants are you trying to recruit?
We are inviting all Jones School alumni to join the FRC. The more participants we recruit, the stronger our research is.

What will be required of those who are a part of the FRC?
Participants in the FRC will be invited to complete up to 4 surveys per year. These surveys generally take 10 to 20 minutes (we anticipate an average of 15 minutes) to complete. The faculty designing these surveys recognizes that your time is valuable. As such, the surveys aren’t any longer than they need to be to ensure rigorous data collection.

Is any special training or expertise required to be a part of the FRC?
No – all you need to be is a Jones School alumnus.  All we ask is that you set aside time, so that once you begin answering the survey, you can finish uninterrupted. 

How will participants receive the request to participate in the Faculty Research Collective?
We will create an email list of the alumni willing to participate. Invitations to participate will be sent via email: links to the survey will be provided in the email.  

What will be required of FRC participants when they are asked to complete a survey?
Participants will complete a survey typically around 15 minutes. This survey will benefit the Jones School in conducting cutting-edge research. You will be asked to share your candid responses to a variety of business-related topics.

How will confidentiality be protected?
The answers will be completely confidential.  All personal information will be deleted. Some surveys will ask you to report your gender, ethnicity, age range, but all this information will aggregated so that a particular response cannot be associated with you. Surveys through the FRC will be reviewed by the Rice University Institutional Review Board to ensure that participants are treated fairly. Each study will have an informed consent form that will specifically outline the procedures used to protect your confidentiality.

How often will FRC  participants be asked to participate in a survey?
Our intent is to send you no more than 4 surveys each year.

Will participants know the topic of the research and the professor conducting that research?
Generally speaking, this information will be included at the outset of the survey.

Will you share the results of the research projects with the FRC participants?
We will happily share with you any research publications that result from FRC-based projects.  

Can I withdraw later if I change my mind?
Yes – you can withdraw any time.