Student-Alumni Mentoring Program

Individual Mentoring Program Structure
The second year FTMBA and MBAP student and alumni mentor relationship is a one-on-one experience. At this point in the student’s life cycle, they have most likely honed in on their career interests and can be more strategically matched with an alumni mentor. Mentor and student will be permitted to set their own meeting schedule. However, four meetings of some sort (e.g. in person, Skype, phone) will be encouraged. Possible discussion points throughout relationship:

  • Transition from MBA into the work force
  • Industry experiences
  • Company experiences
  • Juggling family and work
  • Job search strategies

Group Mentoring Program Structure
The mentor will host a group of 3-4 1st year FTMBA students at their place of business. These on-site visits allow the students to explore the company and industry to aid in focusing in on their future career path. Possible outline of visit:

  • 2-3 hours in length
  • Company tour
  • Lunch with company executives
  • Discussion of career paths within the industry or company
  • Q&A from the students

A group mentoring opportunity occurs late in late-November or early-December. A follow-up luncheon will be hosted by the Jones School in which the same group of students can reconnect with the executives and/or alumni from the host company.

Contact: Jenn Hartley,