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JSGB Alumni Guidelines to Career Transition
On behalf of the Jones School Career Management Center, welcome to Alumni Career Resources. Below you will find links, documents and resources to assist you – whether you just want to update your resume, or if you are interested in a career transition. For a full list of steps should you be considering a career transition, we encourage you to review this helpful checklist:


As a business professional, your resume is a tool to market yourself. The goal of a resume is not to obtain a job but instead gain an interview. A strong resume will present your strengths and accomplishments in a way that clearly illustrates the advantages you will bring to future employers. Think about the skills and experiences required in order to tailor your resume entries to target their needs. Look to the future and be cognizant of your ultimate goals and the skills you need to cultivate. The guide we have provided will lead you through the different formats and help you determine what information is pertinent to include on your resume.  

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a marketing document that is just as important as a resume.  The purpose of the cover letter is to build interest for your resume and to generate interviews. A strong cover letter will demonstrate to the employer your knowledge of the company, exhibit relevant experiences and skills sets, and express your enthusiasm for the position. A strong cover letter can set the tone and give you an advantage over other candidates.  

Networking Correspondence

Approximately 60% of job hunters find a new position  with the help of a network.  Networking at its core is about building and maintaining relationships that mutually offer information, referrals, advice, and support.  Successful networking is making a personal connection when meeting new people and developing, maintaining, and utilizing these relationships for both social and professional reasons. Being able to network successfully and write tactful correspondence is an essential skill. The provided guide will give you a quick review along with samples of networking letters and emails.

Thank You Notes

Being able to write a well-composed thank you note is an fundamental skill that reaches beyond the bounds of business. Thank you notes can establish good will, express appreciation, and distinguish you from other candidates. Aside from being polite, this simple gesture can have a great impact.