April Frazier ’11

April M. Frazier is a hydrocarbon management scoping and design architect for Shell Oil Company, with the Global SAP project for the U.S. fuels business. She moved to this group after graduating from the MBA for Professionals program in May 2011. As an HM architect, April’s role is to ensure that the requirements and processes of the supply, distribution and manufacturing business are understood by the technical project teams in place to address their needs. She must also articulate the benefits to the business of transitioning to a streamlined ERP system used to manage the movement of crude and products across the North America. As part of this role, April will report to Hamburg, Germany for a short term assignment.

Performing as a business analyst in previous roles at Shell over the last 12 years, April wanted to broaden her knowledge of personal and professional drivers of the workforce and focused on courses in organizational behavior, information technology and strategy. “It was a great opportunity to learn the basis of decisions made at corporate levels and how that vision and strategy for a business is communicated across the company.” The Jones School provided the proper integration of business know-how and technical prowess to prepare her for the next step. “I wanted to find a role that stimulated me as much as my MBAP experience over the last two years.”

During her second year, April took advantage of courses outside the Jones School within the Liberal Arts department and photography curriculum at Rice. Her passion for photography turned from a hobby into a small business with noted exhibitions in Houston, New York and London. “I love to travel and to photograph my excursions for others to enjoy. My current role at Shell affords me the opportunity to embrace both work and play on a platform not previously thought attainable.” April photographs for small events in the Houston area and also sells some of her prints as fine art. http://www.nakedifoto.com/

She earned a bachelor’s from Prairie View A&M University for management information systems.